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Why Is My Concrete Sinking?

Have you ever asked questioned “Why is my concrete sinking?”

There are many different reasons why concrete sinks. Here are a few of the more common answers

3 Causes of Concrete Sinking

  1. Water – Water is the main cause of concrete sinking. Water can slowly or quickly erode the soil underneath your concrete causing the concrete to sink. Water can form voids underneath your concrete, this will put stress on the rebar in your concrete causing the rebar to fail and forcing your concrete to sink.
  2. Tree Roots and Animals – Tree roots can move concrete significantly and will disrupt the soil underneath. Trees will grow causing the roots to expand, this will cause the roots to grow downward and outward in the search for water to feed the tree. The roots will not stop for anything, they will shift and undermine your concrete, causing voids and cracks. Animals can undermine concrete too, they will burrow underneath by digging small tunnels. This causes the concrete to have no more support. 
  3. Poor Soil Compaction/Settlement in New Construction – Having a well compacted base for pouring new concrete is vital. Taking shortcuts shouldn’t be a solution in this process. If poor compaction underneath concrete exists, this will cause large voids to form, putting all the weight of the concrete on the rebar. Settlement in new construction (newly built buildings/homes) will occur because of the weight of the structure and the soil shifting. While some areas of the new construction will settle less than others, this can cause the soil to shift drastically (causing large voids). Settlement in new construction should (on average) stop after 10 years.

We can solve your concrete sinking problems!

Jacksonville Contracting is here to help solve your sinking concrete questions! By raising your concrete not only will we fix your problem, but our raising process will stabilize the concrete too! Jacksonville Contracting will drill a series of holes in order to pump our soil cement slurry underneath your concrete. The slurry will be pumped at a strength of 600 PSI, this will compact the existing soil that is underneath your concrete, giving the concrete even more security from sinking again. The slurry will be injected underneath the slab giving uniform coverage below the slab. This will ensure the proper reinforcement and continuous support for the concrete. Once the slurry has raised and the void filled, the cement will take action. The cement will start to cure, this will cause the slurry to act like concrete, giving the concrete it rose the support and strength to last. 

Have any questions about your concrete? Click here to contact us and send us your questions about your concrete! 

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