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Slab Jacking

What Is Slab Jacking?

Do you have concrete that is sinking? Over time, concrete that was poured over poorly compacted soil will tend to sink as the ground beneath it settles or erodes. In some cases, the concrete will also crack if the ground below it has settled unevenly. Slab jacking (frequently referred to as mud jacking) is the process of repairing the sunken concrete by raising it back up to its original position.

Slab jacking or Mud Jacking can be used to correct most sunken concrete situations – even very large concrete slabs such as patios, porches, and even entire pool shells. The process is relatively simple, but it does require professional equipment and expertise. (See images below.)

JCCI is able to repair your sunken concrete by drilling a series of small holes, and then pumping a mixture of soil and cement underneath the concrete slab(s). This mixture fills the space (void) below the concrete slab and raises it up to its original level. This will also stabilize the slab and keep the integrity of the concrete intact. In most cases, a Slab Jacking project can be completed in just a few hours, saving both time and money as opposed to breaking up, removing and re-pouring new concrete.

Basic steps when raising sunken concrete: (1) drill a hole, (2) pressure-pump the soil cement slurry to raise slab, (3) patch hole in raised slab. (See images.)

concrete repair step1b
concrete repair step2b
concrete repair step3b

Benefits Of Slabjacking / Mudjacking

  • A Jacksonville Contracting project will (on average) cost three times less than price of replacing the concrete.
  • Concrete that was raised by the Slab Jacking process will last many years.
  • Jacksonville Contracting will cause no damage to existing plants and structures around the concrete (unless this is discussed during the assessment of the concrete).
  • No need to remove heavy (or permanently installed) fixtures/structures/furniture on the concrete slab, as the Slab Jacking process can lift both the slab and the items on it.
  • You will be able to use your newly raised concrete immediately!


Slab Jacking can be used to repair sunken concrete patios and porches, basement floors, sidewalks/walkways, concrete driveways, concrete pool decks and steps for homeowners. Larger jobs for municipalities and large companies can include filling sink holes, restoring sunken parking lots or air strips, and more. With over four decades of Slab Jacking experience, JCCI can handle just about any Slab Jacking job you may have.

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