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Void Filling

We can repair empty voids around your structure, parking lot and foundation.

Voids can form around your building/work site in many places, underneath floors, in flower beds, underneath the buildings, parking lots, etc. Voids can form due to erosion/run off, vibrations, poor compaction when the concrete was poured, broken pipe, etc. Filling these voids can prevent soil erosion, sinking floors/building, structural damage. Our soil cement slurry will compact the surrounding soils to properly support and eliminate the void. Contact us for your void filling needs!


Jacksonville Contracting can fill voids with ease and precision. Jacksonville Contracting will pump a soil cement slurry into the void by gaining access to it by inserting steel pipes or pumping the slurry in at the ground surface. The soil cement slurry will flow to every crevasse of the void so that the void will be fully stabilized leaving no space left behind.  Filling the voids with a soil cement slurry with stabilize the floor above and will act as a support system for the floors, soft soils, and flower beds.

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Need help repairing a void or sunken area around your building?

Consider a fast and beneficial way to raise/restore your issue rather than replacing it. The replacement of the concrete will cost, on average, three times more than Slab Jacking.