Re-Leveling Concrete Porches

It is natural for the soil under a concrete porch to settle over time. This is especially true if there is poor water drainage, or if there are trees or plants nearby absorbing the nutrients out of the soil, or if ground-dwelling animals such as mice, frogs, groundhogs or snakes make their homes under the porch.

In all of these cases, the soil is displaced, creating air pockets under the porch. When the air pockets become large enough that the remaining soil cannot support the weight of the porch, the porch will fall.

In some cases, especially when the porch concrete is less than 4-5 inches thick, the porch will crack and fall in sections. But even when the porch concrete is over 5 inches thick, the entire slab can sometimes settle on one end, causing the porch to fall out of level or create unsafe walking conditions.

Concrete Porch and Patio Repairs

The images below show a porch that we restored. Note that this porch is actually slate pieces set in concrete.

If your porch has fallen and/or cracked, and your home is in Maryland, please contact us to see if we can help you restore it before you consider the much higher cost of replacing the entire concrete slab.


sunken porch

sunken porch 2   sunken porch before raising


raised porch - after

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