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Porches & Patios

Have you ever noticed water running towards your home from your porch or patio?

That will happen when concrete begins to sink and slope towards the house. Voids can also form underneath the concrete and allow water to travel to the foundation wall and can even seep through the foundation wall. Concrete porches and patios can also crack and break off from themselves forming trip hazards. This can cause significant damage to your home’s foundation, leading to high repair costs. 

Due to poor compaction by the original concrete contractor, the soil will be weak, causing the concrete to sink in an awkward position and even begin to crack. While cracking in concrete is normal, concrete can start to crack aggressively if not supported correctly. If you are experiencing these problems, you will want to consider Slab Jacking instead of replacement.

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How to Level a Porch or Patio

Raising a concrete porch or patio back to its original position is relatively easy and will add integrity back to the concrete driveway for years to come. Through a series of drilled holes, Jacksonville Contracting will pump a soil cement slurry underneath the concrete porch or patio and raise it to its original position. The soil cement slurry will fill all voids underneath the concrete which will stabilize the concrete for many years. The process of raising your porch or patio with the soil cement slurry will improve drainage, fill all voids underneath the concrete, and remove trip hazards on your porch or patio. Your old porch or patio will look and feel new again using this method of concrete raising.

A sinking porch / patio can be caused by the following:

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Looking to replace your porch / patio? Wait!

Look at the fast and beneficial way to raise/restore your porch or patio rather than replacing it. The replacement of the concrete will cost, on average, three times more than Slab Jacking.