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Pool Decks & Shells

Pool decks are supposed to be relaxing and fun. Don’t let uneven concrete ruin your summer.

Over time erosion takes place underneath the concrete slabs around your pool. This can be unpredictable leading your pool deck to sink awkwardly and leaving “surprise” trip hazards everywhere. These trip hazards can jump out and leave you in pain if not professionally fixed. Pool decks can sink at the coping as well, leaving you with a “lip” around the pool. Water will find its way underneath the slab and erode the soil underneath; in the wintertime this can lead to even more damage to your pool deck. 

Wintertime in Maryland and surrounding areas can lead to constant freezing and thawing of water in the ground, causing the expansion and condensing of the soil. This will encourage the concrete to constantly move in all directions, with the ending result of concrete slabs not 100% matching to their adjoining slabs. If you are experiencing these problems, you will want to consider Slab Jacking instead of replacement.

We can even raise pool shells! Pools can easily form cracks in their shells, causing water to begin to leak out and underneath the shell. This will erode soil away from supporting the pool. First, it is always important to check the water level in the pool and address the leak by calling a pool company. The most common and easiest way to find out if a pool shell is leaking is by taking a tape measure and measuring the water line up to the coping of the pool on opposite sides. Another way is to put a level down on the coping and see what way it is sinking. If your pool shell is sinking, Jacksonville Contracting can raise it back to its original position. If you are experiencing these problems, you will want to consider Slab Jacking instead of replacement.

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How to Raise Pool Decks & Shells

Raising a concrete pool deck back to its original position is relatively easy and will add integrity back to the concrete pool deck for years to come. Through a series of drilled holes, Jacksonville Contracting will pump a soil cement slurry underneath the concrete pool deck and raise it to its original position. The soil cement slurry will fill all voids underneath the concrete which will stabilize the concrete for many years. The process of raising your pool deck with the soil cement slurry will improve drainage, fill all voids underneath the concrete, and remove trip hazards on your pool deck. Your old pool deck will look and feel new again using this method of concrete raising.

A sinking pool deck / shell can be caused by the following:

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Look at the fast and beneficial way to raise/restore your pool deck rather than replacing it. The replacement of the concrete will cost, on average, three times more than Slab Jacking.