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How Slab Jacking Is Performed

Brief Summary:

Slab Jacking can save and extend your concrete’s lifespan. This method of concrete repair will raise your existing concrete, improve your concrete’s drainage, and will stabilize your concrete. 


Slab Jacking is a method that has been used successfully for over a century. Of course, with being used for over a century, Slab Jacking has been fined tuned to accommodate homeowners and businesses today. Jacksonville Contracting has been using this method of concrete repair for over 40 years and continues to update with the industry to provide homeowners and businesses the best experience possible.  

How It Works:

To begin the process of raising concrete, Jacksonville Contracting core drills through the concrete slab (to eliminate dust and noise) to gain access to sub-grade. Then our soil cement slurry is injected underneath the slab to compact the soil and then flow into every void that is unseen. Once voids are eliminated, the soil cement slurry then raises the concrete slab in real-time. This process not only raises the concrete slab to its original position, but it will also stabilize the slab and hold that position for years to come. Finally, the core drilled holes will be patched using a high-strength grout to ensure that the slab holds its restored integrity. 

What Can It Raise?

The soil cement slurry is so successful that it is trusted with raising pool shells (yes, shells), MTA light rail tracks, and even airport runways! The same soil cement slurry that Jacksonville Contracting has used on these projects is still used in residential and commercial projects today. This just goes to show you that the slurry and the company that uses the slurry is versatile. Jacksonville Contracting can and will tackle any project!

Why Should I Choose The Soil Cement Slurry?

Slab Jacking using a soil cement slurry is still the best widely used method of concrete raising. It is trusted by major businesses, countless homeowners, and government agencies. After being in business for over 40 years, Jacksonville Contracting believes that the soil cement slurry is still the best option for customers. Check out our Google reviews here.

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