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Grouting Foundation Walls

If you are looking to reinforce your foundation wall or to stop water from seeping through the wall, we can help!

Through the process of grouting foundation walls solid we can improve the structural health of your foundation as well as protect the foundation from intruding water. This process can be performed for new construction as well as improvements to existing structures!


How to Grout a Foundation Wall

Grouting a hollow block foundation wall is a lot to take on but has plenty of advantages. First, Jacksonville Contracting will drill a series of holes into the wall through the process of core drilling. We will then begin to pump a high strength grout into the cells (cavities in the block) of the wall, creating a uniform, solid wall. This will reinforce and provide an upgraded overall structural health to the wall. This will keep water from seeping through the wall, reduce noise, keep heat inside your home, and make it less susceptible to cracking. This process will keep the wall’s structural integrity for many years to come!

While grouting can offer significant advantages, it’s important to note that its effectiveness depends on the specific circumstances of each property.

Advantages of grouting residential foundation walls

Grouting residential foundation walls can offer several advantages in preventing water seepage and enhancing the structural integrity of the building. Here is a list of potential benefits.

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Professional assessment and consultation are recommended to determine if grouting is the best approach to repair your basement wall. Contact us today to schedule one!