Foundation Repair

cracked building wall due to settled foundationWhen building foundations are placed in problem soils or subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack of proper drainage, they can shift and settle. Sinking foundations in unstable soil, cracked or buckled walls and uneven floors are problems commonly faced by some quarter-million property owners, often resulting in the need for foundation repairs. If you have foundation problems such as cracked, buckling or bowed walls, we will stabilize your foundation through the use of helical piers. This method of foundation stabilization can be applied to house foundations, commercial buildings, or any type of concrete structure, and is sometimes called underpinning.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers consist of plates formed in the shape of a helix or one pitch of a screw thread. The plane is attached to a central shaft and installation is accomplished by applying torque to the anchor and screwing it into the soil, much like a wood screw is driven into a piece of wood. Helical piers are a low soil displacement foundation element specifically designed to minimize disturbance during installation.

The helix serves a two-fold purpose: installation and bearing element. During installation, the helix is a ramped spiral with a uniform pitch that provides a downward force or thrust. The helix is also a bearing element.

The helical pier is a central steel shaft that transmits installation torque. Its slender size and shape reduces friction.

installing helical piers   foundation repair project in Maryland

wall settlement requiring foundation repair



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