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Concrete Pitching: Why Outside Concrete Should Be Pitched Away From Your Home

Do your outside areas i.e. patios, sidewalks, porches, driveways, etc. pitch to your home? This can be detrimental to a home’s foundation and integrity. Water can undermine a home’s foundation by weakening the soil the foundation sits on. This can also cause water to seep through a block foundation wall, causing the homeowner to have water issues. 

Concrete should be poured with a ¼” per foot slope, to have water flow away from the house. When the concrete is level or pitched to the house, water can flow into the joint (if not sealed) up against the house and start to wreak havoc on the foundation. This will also undermine the soil underneath the concrete forcing the concrete to sink and pitch even more towards the house. 

Get Correct Concrete Pitching and Drainage with Slab Jacking

Jacksonville Contracting can help you with this issue! Jacksonville Contracting can raise your concrete to pitch away from your home, ensuring that water will flow away from the house. The concrete raising process will also add protection from water seeping through the wall and will stabilize the outside concrete slabs. When observing your concrete during a period of rain, be attentive to where the water is moving to on the outside of your home! 

Repair Sinking Foundations with Helical Piers

If your home’s foundation has begun to sink, don’t worry, Jacksonville Contracting can fix that! Jacksonville Contracting uses Helical Piers to raise and stabilize your home’s foundation. Excavation will take place to install the required number of piers outside the home. Each Helical Pier will be tied into the foundation’s footing and will take on the weight of the foundation. Then a hydraulic press will begin to push down on the pier and raise the footing to its original position. This will stabilize the foundation from sinking again! When examining your home, homeowners should be on the lookout for any cracks in the foundation walls, cracks in drywall, how windows and doors are shutting, and if the floor inside your home is sloped. These are factors that can point to foundation settlement.

Call for Slab Jacking Services to repair sinking concrete pitching issues.

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