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A structural sound concrete/warehouse floor is vital to any running business that has inventory/stock. Voids can easily form underneath the concrete without the employee’s knowledge. Due to constant vibrations during business hours the soil can begin to settle and cause the concrete to crack and even sink. It is best to catch this early, you can tell signs of settlement by cracks on the floor and even hearing a hollow sound underneath the concrete. With no support underneath the floor, the concrete will start to rely more on the rebar for support, causing the concrete to crack and sink over time. Contact us to receive a free estimate on raising/stabilizing your warehouse floor!

Void Filling and Raising Ellicott City

How to Fix your Concrete/Warehouse Floor

Raising a concrete/warehouse floor back to its original position is relatively easy and will add integrity back to the concrete driveway for years to come. Through a series of drilled holes, Jacksonville Contracting will pump a soil cement slurry underneath the concrete floor and raise it to its original position. The soil cement slurry will fill all voids underneath the concrete which will stabilize the concrete for many years. The process of raising your concrete/warehouse floor with the soil cement slurry will improve drainage, fill all voids underneath the concrete, and remove trip hazards on your floor. Your old floor will look and feel new again using this method of concrete raising.

A sinking concrete floor can be caused by the following:

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Consider a fast and beneficial way to repair or raise a concrete floor rather than replacing it. The replacement of the concrete will cost, on average, three times more than Slab Jacking.