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Compaction Grouting

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Jacksonville Contracting Company has been providing state-certified compaction grouting services for over 40 years. Compaction Grouting is a process of stabilizing the soil, where known poor soil conditions exist, settlement in certain structures, existing soils reflect movement, or if known voids are present below the soil lines. This is accomplished by drilling to a pre-determined depth below the surface and injecting a low-slump soil-cement into the ground. This, therefore, creates a pocket of grout into the ground, and compacts the soil around it. This fills the voids in the soil and increases the integrity of the soil to support whatever the load may be.

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What is compaction grouting?

Compaction grouting is a ground improvement technique that involves injecting a cement-based grout into the soil to densify and strengthen it. This method is particularly useful in various construction and civil engineering projects where soil stabilization is essential. Compaction grouting can be beneficial:

  1. Foundation Stabilization:
    • Underpinning existing foundations to address settlement issues.
    • Supporting foundations in areas with loose or compressible soils.
  2. Highway and Roadway Construction:
    • Stabilizing the subgrade beneath roads and highways.
    • Mitigating settlement issues in embankments and road shoulders.
  3. Bridge Abutments and Piers:
    • Strengthening and stabilizing the soil beneath bridge abutments and piers.
    • Addressing settlement concerns around bridge foundations.
  4. Retaining Walls:
    • Stabilizing the soil behind retaining walls to prevent settlement or shifting.
    • Reinforcing the ground beneath new or existing retaining structures.
  5. Tunnel Construction:
    • Improving the soil conditions around tunnel entrances and exits.
    • Stabilizing soil adjacent to tunnel walls and floors.
  6. Utility Trenches:
    • Providing support and stabilization for utility trenches in loose or unstable soils.
    • Preventing settlement around buried pipelines and utilities.
  7. Slope Stabilization:
    • Mitigating the risk of slope instability and landslides.
    • Reinforcing embankments and cut slopes in road and railway construction.
  8. Tank Foundations:
    • Stabilizing the soil beneath foundations for tanks and storage structures.
    • Preventing settlement or differential settlement around large storage tanks.
  9. Airport Runways:
    • Addressing settlement concerns beneath runways and taxiways.
    • Enhancing the load-bearing capacity of the soil at airport facilities.
  10. Seismic Retrofitting:
    • Improving the stability of soils in seismic-prone areas.
    • Reinforcing foundations and structures to withstand seismic forces.
  11. Municipal Infrastructure:
    • Stabilizing soil beneath sewage treatment plants and wastewater facilities.
    • Addressing settlement issues around water treatment structures.
  12. Subsidence Remediation:
    • Correcting subsidence issues in urban or industrial areas.
    • Reclaiming and stabilizing land affected by mining or other subsurface activities.

It’s important to note that compaction grouting is a specialized technique, and its application should be carefully evaluated based on site-specific conditions.¬†Contact us for a professional assessment of the project you have in mind.

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