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4 Benefits of Raising Concrete Versus Replacing Concrete

Overtime concrete can sink due to many factors, which will eventually lead you to the difficult decision of whether or not to replace the concrete. Wait! There is a safe, affordable, and time saving solution to concrete replacement!

The raising concrete practice of slab jacking has been around for over 100 years. It has been time proven to raise concrete back to its original position and hold true to that position. Slab Jacking is a process of drilling a series of holes and pumping a soil cement slurry underneath the concrete slabs. This will fill the voids underneath the concrete and raise the concrete back up in real time.

Advantages to Raising Concrete Compared to Replacing Concrete:

  1. Saves Time – Most concrete raising projects will be completed in one day! You will be able to use the concrete immediately. There is no wait time for the soil cement slurry to cure (unless vehicles will be parked on the concrete). Concrete replacement can have you waiting for 28 days for it to fully cure.
  2. Saves Money – On average our Slab Jacking process costs 3x less than concrete replacement. We also offer financing on all our proposals, but with our prices there won’t be any long-term commitments.
  3. Stability – Our soil cement slurry is meant to last as long as your concrete is in “good” condition. The soil cement slurry will harden and will stabilize your concrete and will allow it to hold true to its original position for years to come.
  4. Less Disruptive than Replacement – Slab Jacking only requires a crew of two people, a drill, a truck to mix materials, and a pump. The pump will only go back and forth from the truck, and we use a core drill to eliminate any dust from the air. The drilling will only take place on the concrete surface that will be raised, there won’t be any disruption to any lawn areas or plants/bushes. Concrete replacement will require a crew of 4-5 people and requires demolition of the existing concrete. Once the demolition has been completed, the grading and the forming takes place and that will require possible destruction of surrounding plants/bushes, lawn areas, even asphalt driveways.

Raising concrete is overall the better choice for any homeowner that is considering replacing their concrete that is still in good condition!

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