With over 40 years of experience in concrete slabjacking in Maryland and the surrounding states, Jacksonville Contracting Company of Baltimore County is your best bet when you have sunken concrete that needs to be raised.


Home and Commercial
Foundation Repair

Helical piers may be just the answer to repair cracked, buckling or bowed foundations. Let our experts assess your structural needs.

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Raising Sunken Walks &

The weight of vehicles and normal ground settlement often cause driveways and sidewalks to sink. We can raise them back up.

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Leaning Chimney

A chimney that leans away from the house poses a potentially lethal hazard. In many cases this can be fixed without replacing the chimney.

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Civil & Commercial Concrete Restoration

Jacksonville Contracting Company, Inc.

Our civil and commercial experience includes projects for military and government contracts, large contracting companies, engineering firms, and even smaller jobs such as cell phone tower foundations. Whatever the job, if it involves leveling and repair of fractured concrete surfaces or foundations, we have the certification, tools, manpower and experience to tackle it.

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